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31 December 2010 @ 08:47 am
For those of you who use OSX and do not know About Growl you should check it out http://growl.info/ I have been useing it for years and love it but I am surprised at how menyy people just don't know about it.

So what is Growl ? It's basically a system notifier that is fairly customizable , it comes with adium and Colloquy and a few other programs it's free - free is good, it's also dirt easy to use.
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talk about a downtown bus station has been going on for year like 10 at least , about 5 years ago they showed some rather interesting plans, but I still just don't see it happening, I just don't think RGRTA (RTS) can pull it off, not unless they have truly done something to improve service in the 3 years since I have left town( i hope something as I will be in town next week).
how can someone do a starvation diet? what is the point? to unsafely lose alot of weight only to gain it back just as fast as you lost it? look at slimfast it is mostly sugar so are a few others I saw on the shelf at the store, it keep s you hungry so when you start eating again you gain it all back. the point to loseing any amount of weight is to be healthier and to feel good , and you cant do that by drinking flavored sugared up milk you have to change your diet and you have to exercise- you dont even have to exercise a lot or go to the gym just walk to the park a few times a week and take a 2o min walk you will fell good just from that.
24 March 2010 @ 08:09 pm
yeah thats kinda sick but something someone said to me made me want to hit the interwebs and it has nothing to do with that NCIS episode ... Abby is still totally hot tho
undetectable poisons yes or no?

.... both

menny of the " undetectable poisons just can not be currently tested for and some breakdown in to other compounds/ elements not only before death but after.

so  let go over a few of them

ethylene glycol aka antifreeze it tastes like sugar but it can kill you a fuck of a lot faster
" Drinking ethylene glycol will result in depression followed by heart and breathing difficulty, kidney failure, brain damage and even death"

now this is not fast nor is it painless symptoms of kidney failure include foamy urine, dizziness, nystagmus, headaches, slurred speech, and confusion and that is just getting started after that we move on to high blood pressure, hyperventilation and metabolic acidosis . And wait thiers more we got acute tubular necrosis, red blood cells in the urine, excess proteins in the urine. not good stuff.

Ethylene Glycol causes  crystals to develop in the tissues of the body and that can be detected via autopsy so if you want to kill someone anti freeze is not the way to go.

Arsenic has been so played out in the movies , but thires a bit more to that it is also rather easily detectable most of the time the wikipedia could use a bit of work on this topic, Arsenic is a chemical element that has the symbol As 33 wile testing for arsenic poisoning can sometimes be difficult modern technology can tell the difference between it and cholora  go and google "inheritance powder," you may find some interesting  reading.

Water yep it can kill you and not just inhalation for the most part humans need about 64oz of H2O a day now if you go drink 2 gallons in a day you can actually "wash" all the salt out of your system and that just really bad salt is not the only thing it will clear out on you but salt is one of the big ones hence the Gatorade (TM) advertising about electorates.
to much of a good thing can be a really bad thing.

yeaht thiers thousands if not tens of thousands of poisons  both organic and non organic and not all of them are detectable  in of them selves but they byproducts ie the antifreeze crystals  I might do more on this so stay tuned 
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